• Coccydinia

    • Pain generated from the coccyx or more particularly its segmental joints or its joint to the sacrum occurs relatively commonly.

      Often there is a precipitant of trauma such as classically falling on ice.

      The pain caused is pain low in the midline when sitting.

      The application of ice,anti-inflammatory gels and the use of special cushions or rubber rings are helpful.

      Physiotherapy to the area can help as can acupuncture.

      Injection of the tender area under local anaesthetic (LA) may help to relieve symptoms but doesn’t always cure but can be repeated.

      The best treatment for unremitting coccydinia is to have a manipulation of the coccyx. This “wagging of the tail-bone” would be exquisitely painful for sufferers and is therefore performed under general anaesthetic (GA). The area is injected with cortisone at the same time. This brings about a cure in 90% of patients.

      The last resort is to remove the coccyx, a bone we can do without, but this operation although carrying a hope of cure necessarily involves a commitment to a GA, surgery, convalescence and risks including infection.

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